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August 9, 2016 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Devarim

This week’s Torah portion almost coincides with Tisha’b’Av, and Arama sees a similarity between something in the portion and the destruction of the Temple (which the fast day commemorates).

Moses discusses the sin of the spies, and points out that most of the generation of the Exodus (or more precisely, almost all males over 20 at the time of the Exodus) died before they could enter the Land of Israel , as punishment for their unwillingness to conquer the Land at the time of that episode.  Arama says this destruction of a generation is analogous to that of the Temple: in both situations a generation is being punished for their sins.

This illustrates a broader tendency in rabbinic literature: the idea that our forefathers’ issues foreshadow those of later generations.  They sin, they are punished; later generations sin, they are punished.  Of course, here the comparison is kind of a stretch, since different sins are involved and it seems to me that dying early (but with the knowledge that your children will meet your goals) is less severe than the humanitarian catastrophes involved in the destruction of the Temples.


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