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August 16, 2016 / conservadox

crazy week

I’ve had a very interesting and unusual couple of weeks.

First, a vacation in Los Angeles.  Spent shabbos at the Happy Minyan, which lives up to its name (but even though it was pretty friendly, getting a lunch invite was pretty tough- I got one but only from the one of the last people to leave).  Went to a different daily minyan almost every day.

Second, I spent Tisha’b’Av in Crown Heights.  Shabbos at Chevra Ahavas Yisrael, kind of a cross between Chabad and Happy Minyan.

Went to 770 for a couple of daily minyans and heard Eicha (or some of it) as well.  If you are male, go to the basement of 770 for an unusual experience-there are typically half a dozen minyans going on at any one time, and try to find one where the sheilah tibbur speaks loudly enough to be audible (not easy!).  I am not quire sure where women daven there though, if anywhere. (upstairs maybe?).

It was especially useful if you are a little late for other minyans (for example, I was on the fringes of the neighborhood and so didn’t get to another shul until Eicha was done, so I heard it at 770) or if you went to a shul that couldn’t get a minyan (Ahavas Yisrael on Monday morning).   Also, they have food in the morning (coffee, always something sugary too).


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