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August 21, 2016 / conservadox

minyan diary

I have done a lot of traveling over the past few weeks so I thought I would list the places I have been:

Friday August 5- arrive in Los Angeles on vacation.  Morning at Young Israel of Century City (which meets in restaurant because they are being renovated or something).

Saturday Aug. 6- morning and evening at Happy Minyan in Pico-Robertson area.

Sunday August 7- morning at Anshe Emet (fairly generic large shul, somewhat on MO/yeshivish border it seems like) in same area.

evening service at Shaare Tzedek in San Fernando Valley (pretty similar).

Monday August 8- morning at Moroccan shul in Valley.  Someone talks in Hebrew at end of service (visiting rabbi?)

afternoon at Aish LA.  Although Aish is supposed to be an outreach institution, I have difficulty finding a siddur that isn’t all Hebrew.  Fortunately by now I have gotten used to bringing my Sacks siddur everywhere.

Tuesday August 9 – morning at Valley Beth Shalom (Conservative, Encino).  Not much to say about it, perfectly normal.

afternoon at Young Israel of Hancock Park.  Like Aish, kind of black-hattish.

Wed. August 10- morning at Shaare Tzedek.

Thursday August 11- arrive in NYC.  Go to Young Israel of Queens Valley in Kew Gardens Hills from airport.  Like many places in Queens mostly modern but black hat rabbi.

Friday August 12- am staying in Crown Heights, so go to 770 Eastern Parkway (Chabad HQ, see prior post I think).

Shabbos- For main service, went to Prospect Heights Shul- new, young, small (barely over 10 guys0, a bit disorganized, modern. (Rabbi not there so very short, no sermon- in and out in less than 2 hrs).

Since this means I have time to go to two shuls, I go to Chevra Ahavas Yisrael (CAY) for the end of their service, then a big kiddush, then an early mincha after kiddush.   Kind of a cross between Carlebach and Chabad, kind of nice though still a bit right wing- men and women sat separately for kiddush.   A real mix of people, kind of the modern Orthodox alternative by Crown Heights standards unless you want to go to Prospect Heights.

Then for eicha I went to 770 because it was too late to go anywhere else.

Sunday (Tisha’b’Av)- Bialystoker shul in Lower E Side  in the morning since it was kind of on the way between Crown Hts and the Upper W Side.  No kinot with English translation which I did not like one bit.  Then to Drisha for learning, then back to West Side Jewish Center (WSJC) in midtown for mincha and maariv.

Monday August 15- shachrit at CAY, my last minyan  in Crown Hts (though they couldn’t actually get a minyan so I went to 770 to say kaddish for Dad; kaddish period does not end till Thanksgiving).

Tuesday August 16 – staying in Briarwood so go to Briarwood Jewish Center (basically small Bukharan minyan).  Not much to say, just get in and get out.  Barely over 10.

Wed. August 17 – overslept Bukharans (who start 630 or so), so Young Israel of Queens Valley again.

Thursday and Friday- Bukharans in morning.  Went to WSJC again for  early mincha.

Saturday August 20- was in Washington Heights for weekend.  Went to Khal Adat Jeshurun (KAJ) morning, Mt. Sinai Jewish Center (afternoon, also this morning).  Will blog separately about this.

So that’s 17 shuls in 16 days!


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