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September 13, 2016 / conservadox

Minyan count so far (final minyan count at 11-22 post)

How many minyans have I said kaddish at since my father died?  Here’s my count so far, at least 55 and maybe 56-

Nashville (update oct 9)- Shearith Israel

Pittsburgh- Kesser Torah

Chabad (at least one of the minyans, the one that meets at Naamat – I know I’ve davened at the main Chabad at Wightman, not sure if after my dad died though)

Shaarey Torah

Beth Shalom

Poale Zedek

Young Israel

(other shuls? Maybe, can’t remember if after dad died in Jan. or before)

Jacksonville- Etz Chaim

Atlanta- Beth Tefillah

Ahavat Achim

Beth Jacob

Shearith Israel

Young Israel

New Toco Shul

Washington- Agudat Israel afternoon minyan

(OSTT maybe- can’t remember if after first of year)

Baltimore- Agudat Israel

Detroit- Young Israel of Oak Park

Kollel in Oak Park

Ann Arbor Orthodox Minyan

Beth Israel (Ann Arbor)

Queens- Briarwood Jewish Center

Bukharan Jewish Community Center (added Nov 2)

Young Israel of Queens Valley

Brooklyn- 770 Eastern Parkway (Chabad headquarters)

Prospect Heights shul

Ahavas Yisrael

Landau shul

Boro Park “minyan factory”

Young Israel-Beth El of Boro Park

Young Israel of Flatbush

Bronx- Hebrew Institute of Riverdale

Staten Island- Young Israel of Staten Island

Manhattan- Adereth El

Chabad of Midtown

Kehilat Jeshurun

West Side Jewish Center

Shearith Israel

Bialystoker Synagogue

Millinery Center Synagogue

Park East Synagogue

Mt. Sinai Jewish Center

Khol Adath Jeshurun

Orach Chaim (added 11-21)

Stanton Street Shul

Mechon Hadar (not really a shul, more of a beit midrash)

Jewish Center (added 11-20)

Los Angeles- Shaarey Zedek (Valley View)

Adat Yeshurun (Moroccan)

Valley Beth Shalom

Happy Minyan

Young Israel of Century City

Aish LA

Young Israel of Hancock Park

Anshe Emet

Sinai Temple


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