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October 20, 2016 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Vezot Habracha

In discussing the last Torah portion, Arama discusses a midrash depicting God as offering the Torah to other nations, who then reject it.  Arama interprets this legend as follows:  Israel’s deprivations somehow caused them to achieve “the level of freedom [from physical urges] that enabled it to benefit from receiving the Torah.”  By contrast, other nations “have sold themselves to their senses [and thus] will not derive much benefit from Torah.” I’m not sure I find this very persuasive; it could just as easily be argued that the absence of Torah made other nations more sensual.

He goes on to write that “Slaves, women and children are each subject only to limited sections of the Torah, since their self determination is restricted and they are not truly free.”  I can see how this is true for children, but why women?  My guess is that women were so subordinated that they almost were like slaves in Arama’s time.


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