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November 9, 2016 / conservadox

Rubbed me the wrong way

I was in a shul (not WSJC) for a minyan this morning.  The rabbi said that “some of you will feel like saying Hallel or omitting Tachanun [over Trump’s victory] and others  may feel the opposite.” (The latter he said in a softer voice).

I felt like he was implying sympathy with the first; I was not displeased, as I was in fact not pleased with the election results.  Am I  being oversensitive? Probably.

Maybe I should fess up and take blame for President Trump.  Every year since 1992, I have voted for a losing presidential candidate (sometimes D, sometimes R).  Even when I vote third party (as has been true about half the time) the major party candidate I last THOUGHT about voting for lost.  Maybe if I had voted for Trump, the Curse of Me would have caused him to lose.


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