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December 2, 2016 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

I am having shabbos dinner at home alone for the first time in a while; someone in my shul lives in my building and because I have more furniture than he does, we often have dinner together in my apartment (he and his girlfriend usually bringing the main course, while I supply minor stuff).

Because today’s parsha is Toldot, this means red lentils and red stuff generally (in honor of the red lentil stew or soup that Esau wanted from Jacob, and got in exchange for his birthright).  I feel not so great and I’m not in a mood for making something too elaborate, so my main dish is just red lentil penne pasta (very bland) with tomato sauce and lox.

Also: zucchini spread (made in Bulgaria)

kosher kimche

pan fried wontons with strawberry marshmallow fluff

lots of red soft drinks.



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