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March 5, 2017 / conservadox

Dvar Torah – Tetzaveh

This week’s Torah portion discusses the clothing of the High Priest, including pomegranates and bells on the bottom of his robe.  The Torah states that the bells’ “sound should be heard when he enters the Holy Place before God” (28:35).

Miller responds that this verse is a lesson to everyone in a leadership role..  Just as bells make noise, “in a leadership position, you must speak forcefully… so that the people will be inspired by your words.”  This, of course, doesn’t seem very related to the Torah  portion.

But it is related to our time.  The nation and the Republican Party is lead by a President who seems increasingly unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.  If this had happened decades ago, the leaders of the Republican Party might have spoken forcefully about the problem, and found a way to make him retire.  But ever since Trump won the Indiana primary, the leaders of the Party have been afraid to take him on: starting with Ted Cruz (who prematurely withdrew from the contest rather than fighting for an open convention) to the Republican National Committee (which could have stacked the Rules Committee to ensure that delegates could vote their conscience, which might have caused hundreds of delegates to switch from Trump to Cruz) to the Establishment Republicans who failed to mount a credible third-party alternative, to the Republican press lords and talk-show costs who rolled over (and continue to roll over) for Trump, to the Congressional Republicans who refuse to stand up to him.

Everyone who can lead is afraid to lead- the elected officials, I think, out of fear of Republican primaries; the Republican wing of the press out of greed (because let’s face it, Trump is good for ratings).  Admittedly, the Democrats are pretty aggressive*- but they are the minority party, so they don’t have any power to speak of.


*Too much so, in my opinion.  But that’s another discussion, and since this page is more about religion than about politics I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to discussing it.




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