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March 19, 2017 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Vayakhel-Pekudei

The book of Exodus concludes with the construction of the Tabernacle.  One midrash on this event is that Moses assembled and disassembled the Tabernacle every day for seven days in a row.

What’s the point of this weird story? Miller notes that the Tabernacle and its successors shrines were dismantled seven times over the centuries (including the Two Temples). He adds that this story of building and dismantling “is true in our personal experience.  God gives us the power to rebuild our spiritual lives and inner sanctuaries, again and again.  Although we may stumble or even collapse, we are always able to rise again.”

Kind of a Hallmark-card ending, but it does make the midrash make more sense.


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  1. Shira Salamone / Mar 20 2017 4:23 pm

    First things first: The way the text is written, it appears that Moses set up the entire tabernacle by himself. I thought his father-in-law Jethro (Yitro) had taught him the importance of delegating. If the people were holy enough to *craft* the tabernacle, why weren’t they holy enough to *assemble* it?

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