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March 24, 2017 / conservadox

shabbos dinner

My usual guest isn’t coming and there isn’t a shul dinner this week, so I get to plan my own menu.

The Torah portion of the week that just ended mentions that the Tabernacle was made of gold, silver, and blue, red and purple yarn (among other things) (Exodus 35:6).  So I’ll have

purple cabbage with red eggplant dip

pumpkin with schmaltz herring (that’s my gold and silver)

pizza from Calabria’s in Crown Heights (more gold)

cheese blintzes (ditto)

blue cotton candy (blue)

and multicolored marshmallow (all kinds of colors!)

The portion also mentions pomegranates on the priests’ robes (39:24) and that the menorah is shaped like almond blossoms (37:24) so there’ll be some pomegranate seedes and almonds in the cabbage salad.


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