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April 19, 2017 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Shemini

Pesach is over; the second half was very nice in its own way.  I spent chol hamoed being a tourist (visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens) instead of working, and had my second yom tov meals in all kinds of places (one home with food from Pomegranate, another from Kosher Marketplace, one at shul, and another being hosted by someone from another shul).

At any rate, back to normal life.  Miller’s Chumash writes that when Aaron inaugurates the Tabernacle with various sacrifices, “no trace of that sin [the Golden Calf] could still be attributed to Aaron, and he was totally forgiven” (commentary to Lev. 9:11) and that “God had already forgiven the people for the Golden Calf” (9:22).   This kind of surprised me, because I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that the Golden Calf has been a continuous source of punishment in some sense.  Are these two views in conflict or is there a way to reconcile them?

I’ve had relationships where there were wrong turns- and sometimes even when things are repaired they aren’t quite as before; after things went wrong I was a little wary of the other person, a little less trusting.  Maybe that’s the best analogy I can think of.


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