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May 8, 2017 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Emor

This week’s portion emphasizes that sacrifices should be unblemished (Lev. 22:21).  Playing off this, Miller asks “How do you give your best to God?”  Some people do it through decoration; I don’t have much of an instinct for that.

But if you are among the tiny group of people who read this blog, you notice that sometimes I describe my Shabbos dinners; to make Shabbos special, I sometimes like to have “theme dinners” based on the portion.  Now that I am in NYC where there are lots of kosher restaurants; I do this less- instead I get food from a kosher restaurant I haven’t been to in awhile (last week it was Soy Sauce in Queens which alas was only so-so – a couple of weeks before that, Marani in Queens which I liked much more).  Either way, I like to think that by making Shabbos unusual, I am “giving my best to God.”


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