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June 20, 2017 / conservadox

Dvar Torah – Korah

This week’s portion is primarily about the rebellion of Korah, a Levite who complains that the priesthood (and Moses) are too powerful.  Moses responds by challenging Korah to a “sacrifice-off”: Korah and his followers offer incense at the same time as Aaron.  Instead of accepting the offering of Korah & Co., God wipes them out.

The end of the portion discusses tithes for priests and then tithes for Levites.  Why do they tithes follow the rebellion?  Miller writes that the tithes are a response to Korah’s attack, in that they show how closely the people, priests and Levites are connected: the priests and Levites are the spiritual leaders of the people.

It also seems to me that this shows how connected the priests and Levites are: after discussing some Levites’ complaints, the Torah is telling us that the priests and Levites should be on the same team, since both are part of the religious leadership.  Or to put it more crudely, Moses is getting “buy in” from the Levites by showing how they too benefit from the Hebrew caste system.


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