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August 9, 2017 / conservadox

Dvar Torah- Ekev

In this week’s Torah portion, Moses reminds us of the risk that the Jews might forget God if they get too prosperous (8:14).

Miller occasionally adds a series of questions to the Chumash.  One of them is “Has success made you more or less religious?”

On balance, more.  My career has progressed in a good way over the past fifteen years, as I have become gradually more religious.  And I do think there is a causal relationship: I continue to be grateful for the miracle of my liberation from a career I was failing at, to a career I am at least somewhat successful at.  And because my first job in my new career turned out badly, I am grateful for my liberation from THAT job as well, and for me being able to bounce back from my first job.

Having said that, I feel Moses’s point too.  Often, as I get trapped in day-to-day miniutia of life, I do forget the disasters I avoided.


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