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July 6, 2018 / conservadox

Shabbos dinner

Ideally, as readers of this blog know, I like to (1) prepare dinner responsive to the Torah portion and (2) go through the list of the world’s nations in alphabetical order and make something that is either made in or a recipe from the next nation on the list.

This week I was able to kill two birds with one stone. The Torah mentions sacrifices with lamb and with fine flour (Numbers 28). And the next nation on the list is Bahrain, an Arab nation with lots of lamb dishes and which also has semolina dishes. So I made machboos (a lamb/rice/spices dish) and khabeesa (a kind of semolina pudding).

The latter is normally supposed to be dairy, so by using parve rice milk instead I made it a bit less solid and sweet. To make up for this I added date honey as a sweetener and fried them as pancakes for a bit more solidity.


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